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The Fairfax County BEOC

Business Emergency Operations Council    



FFX BEOC links for COVID and Disaster Resources provided above.  Additional Fairfax County Emergency Management and Security information can be found here

    About Us    

We are a consortium of businesses who work together to enable focused timely communications and to foster a greater understanding of what it means to be a resilient business in Fairfax County.

The BEOC was created to enable better coordination and collaboration between businesses within Fairfax County to prepare for, respond to, and recover from, disasters or other events with the potential to impact normal operations.

Participation in the BEOC is completely voluntary and open to members of the private sector, including large and small businesses, trade associations, universities, think-tanks, and non-profits. During response activities, BEOC members are linked together to assist each other throughout the crisis.


What We Do

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The BEOC works with all members on short-term and long-term goals for county preparedness.

Alert and Notification


The BEOC will alert all members if there is a disruption that requires a response from or action by the BEOC membership.



Each member of the organization will utilize information from the BEOC to activate their own response plan.



The BEOC will coordinate with all members in post-incident activities. The goal of every business is to prepare for long-term economic recovery.

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Our Members

The Fairfax County Business Emergency Operations Center (BEOC) exists as a result of exemplary public-private partnerships. All parties have a deep attachment to ensure community resiliency to better serve our residents, customers, and business owners.

The BEOC has committed to the growth and expansion of participation across all business avenues and is currently supported by voluntary representation from the following sectors, which include but are not limited to: hospitality, banking, legal services, real estate, telecommunication, consulting services, and information technology.

Join Us

The Fairfax County Business Emergency Operations Council (BEOC) serves as a vehicle of information sharing between Fairfax County Businesses regarding matters of emergency management. On behalf of myself and/or the company/organization/association/entity named below, I hereby acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions for participating as a member of the BEOC.

  • There will be no priority service offered to any entity participating within the BEOC.

  • Entity acknowledges that its participation in the BEOC is voluntary and agrees to waive any claim for compensation. Entity further agrees that it will bear its own costs associated with participation in the BEOC.

  • Entity agrees that it will not represent to the public, either explicitly or implicitly that its activities, products, or services are sanctioned or endorsed by Fairfax County due to its participation in the BEOC.

In filling out the information below on behalf of the Entity, I agree to the above terms and conditions for participation as a member of the BEOC.

Thank you for applying! A member of the BEOC will reply to you shortly.

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